2019 Alabama Calendar of Events Deadline and Photo Request



2018 Vacation Guide

The deadline for the 2019 printed Alabama Calendar of Events is set for June 30, 2018. If you know the 2019 dates of your events, you can begin submitting them now for next year by following the link included in this notice.

Using the industry partners website will simplify entering and managing your events in the calendar of events.  You can now upload photos and videos to appear in your listings!

CLICK HERE to submit your event(s) for the 2019 Alabama Calendar of Events.

CLICK HERE to visit our website.

If you want to get a little extra publicity for your annual or special events, then do so with a photo. Photos are truly worth a thousand words.

High resolution photos (at least 300 dpi) should be emailed to:

When submitting photos, please include the following:
1)      Name of event associated with the photo;
2)      Date(s) of the event;
3)      The contact name, phone number and email address of person submitting photo.

Please note: By submitting photos, you are granting permission for the Alabama Tourism Department to use the photo(s) in the printed Calendar or online. Submission of a photo, however, does not automatically guarantee the use of the photo.

Also note: As we streamline our publication process for promoting events, it may be that some events will be web based only. However, all approved events will be included in our online Calendar.

For information about the Alabama Calendar of Events, contact:
Pam Smith at pam.smith@tourism.alabama.gov ~ 334-353-4541