Alabama Tourism Department calls on public to help struggling restaurant industry

Montgomery, Ala. (July 28, 2020) ‒ The Alabama Tourism Department is asking the public to dine out or order take out at least twice from August 14-23, the 10-day period of Alabama Restaurant Week.

“Food is part of many celebrations and special occasions; it brings us comfort and joy,” said ATD  deputy director Grey Brennan.  “What better way to recognize the efforts our restaurants have made during an unprecedented time than to support them with our patronage.”

To make it easy for people to find and support restaurants, the website  not only lists restaurants but suggest five ways someone can help their local restaurant in addition to ordering food.

Looking for help on which restaurants to visit?  The Alabama Restaurant Week website also includes information on ATD’s popular “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama” brochure and the restaurants offering those dishes.

“Alabama restaurants and their staff have endured these past months in stride while implementing enhanced operational and safety measures to ensure that tourists and local restaurantgoers have a safe and enjoyable experience while dining on some of the best dishes in the world” Brennan said. “Let’s return the love by visiting two or more restaurants during Alabama Restaurant Week.”