Grand Opening of the “Unclaimed Baggage Museum”

Popular Destination Retailer Unveils New In-Store Experience Worthy of a Road Trip

SCOTTSBORO, AL.— As U.S. travelers embark on spring and summer road trips, Unclaimed Baggage, a popular tourist destination and the nation’s only retailer of lost luggage, has created another reason for fans to plan a trip to Scottsboro, Alabama. The one-of-a-kind store has designed the “Unclaimed Baggage Museum,” displaying more than 70 of the most curious and unusual items they have unpacked from lost bags over their 50+ year history, opening on Friday, April 21, 2023.

“People are endlessly curious about the variety and wonder of items discovered in unclaimed bags,” says Bryan Owens, CEO of Unclaimed Baggage. “And we’ve seen it all! Our store is like an archeological dig, with unclaimed treasures telling stories about people and culture over time and from all parts of the world.”

The oldest items on display include ancient Egyptian artifacts from 1500 BC, found in a well-worn Gucci suitcase. Most items were sold through Christie’s Auction House. The remaining items are showcased, along with the Christie’s catalog and replicas of the sold mummified hawk sarcophagus and funeral mask, made using 3D fabrication technology.

Hoggle, the beloved Jim Henson dwarf puppet and key character in David Bowie’s cult fantasy film Labyrinth, is the most famous display item, and has recently been restored to his original condition. Other notable objects museum guests will encounter include:

  • Musical instruments from around the world
  • Suits of armor
  • Detailed handmade model ship that spans over 4-feet wide
  • Violin from 1772
  • 1980’s Hermes necklace
  • Basketball signed by Michael Jordan
  • African and Asian iron statues and plaques from antiquity
  • Vintage items like a 19th century box camera, primitive hair tools that were heated on a wood stove and a Victorian era “flirting” fan.“We discover fascinating items from lost-forever bags every day, but since we’re not museum archivists, we often have no idea of what we have,” added Owens. “In order to create this museum, we’ve drawn on the knowledge and expertise of museum specialists to help with the research, design and installation. It’s a work in progress, as we often discover new facts about the artifacts that we have. The continuous discovery is part of the fun!”

    There is something for everyone to enjoy in this museum of oddities and wonders. Yet, the most intriguing facet of all is that these museum artifacts were all found in unclaimed suitcases!

    Road-trippers can discover their own treasures in the 50,000-square-foot retail store of unclaimed items in Scottsboro, Alabama, or online at

    For more information about the Unclaimed Baggage Museum and its Grand Opening event, visit grand-opening.

About Unclaimed Baggage

Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, Unclaimed Baggage is a one-of-a-kind retail store and the country’s only merchant of unclaimed and lost airline baggage and its contents. Unclaimed Baggage offers a treasure trove of goods that airlines have been unable to reunite with their former owners. The store has made national news for its ever-changing array of unique items from around the world, all sold at an incredible value. As part of its commitment to service and generosity, the company created the Reclaimed for Good foundation which has given millions of dollars’ worth of product and profit to meet needs around the globe. Learn about Unclaimed Baggage at


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